Facebook Now Has GIFs On It's Inbuilt Camera

- July 15, 2017

Facebook has now added a new feature to its app's camera. So people are now seeing an option that allows users to make a short GIF directly through the camera
(Isn’t it amazing?), then it can be shared on Facebook stories or on your wall/page. You can also add a number of frames and filters to the GIF

 However, the downside is you can only share the GIFs on Facebook 😓. They only save as videos but can't be sent to other social media platforms through Facebook.

This is the just the latest and only GIF-related update that the company has released for now. Earlier this year, Facebook introduced a number of Giphy-powered contents to its app, which was followed by the wide release of GIF comments when commenting on posts. And the in-app camera was given a major update in March that brought  Snapchat-like filters, Facebook Stories and direct photo and video sharing.

Since it is not everyone that is seeing the GIF option in their app yet, it appears to be a small update and it's not clear when or if everyone will get access to it. If you have it, you'll be able to find it by clicking the camera icon in the app and swiping to the right side to access the GIF function.