Google Launches An App to Help Fight Malware

- July 23, 2017
Google is rolling out their computerized app scanning app known as Google Play shield, What it essentially does is it runs within the background of an Android device and continuously monitors apps and games for malicious stuff.

Play Protect requires the device to have Google Mobile Services 11 or higher version. Also, the apps you download from Google Play pass through Play Protect’s malware filter before they land on your device.

If some thing is detected, Play shield can stop the app from running further and issue warnings in the notification area. In worst instances, it may even delete the app from your device on its very own.
Google Play Protect was first announced in May 2017 at the Google I/O conference. It is not a completely new app, but has a new feature known as Verify Apps. And keep in mind the thing that Play Protect is good but don’t assume it as a one stop solution. Be cautious if you regularly sideload apps on your device. Play Protect will throw information about the unknown apps to Google’s servers for analysis.

You can access Play Protect in your device settings. Go to Settings > Google > Security. There you’ll find Verify Apps or Play Protect depending on the fact. To turn Play Protect On or Off, use the toggle option called Scan device for security threats.

When the roll out finishes, you'll additionally be capable of see Play Shield in Google Play > Menu (3 horizontal lines).