How To Hide Files & Folders In Android OS Without Any App

- July 21, 2017
How To Hide Folders On Andriod Without Any App

As at 2017, Android OS is the best mobile operating system in the world and you can use your Android devices for several purposes.Unlike other mobile operating systems, Android is not limited to few tasks.
Android can perform multiple tasks and if we talk about privacy, Android is one of those platforms where you can set the privacy level according to your wish. Here we are going to talk about privacy.

There are many Android apps available in Google Play Store which claim to hide your important files and folders from appearing on your device’s Gallery or File Manager. But not all of those apps are from trusted developers and they slow down your device.

Here I will mention one cool trick that will let you hide files and folders on your Android device without using any third party apps whatsoever. You don’t need any app to hide files and folders on our Android device. Here’s how you can use the cool method to hide important files and folders.

1) You’ll need to go to File manager of your Android device.

2) Now you need to create a folder. Like we have created a folder named TechReminder.

3) Now move your important files inside the folder you created. Now it’s time to hide the folder, you just need to add a dot (.) in front of the folder, for example,Techreminder becomes (.Techreminder)

4) Your folder will disappear immediately. Now if you want to unhide the folder, press the menu option in your File Manager and then select the option "Show Hidden Folder"

This is how you can hide your important files and folders on your Android smartphone. The good thing is that you won't need any third party app to hide files and folders. If you liked the post, share it with your friends too using our share buttons.