How To Invite All Your Friends On Facebook To like Your Page Updated(2017)

- July 13, 2017

Hi TechReminders are you facing the problem while inviting your facebook fan page to all your friends.??
Well today I am going to teach you the easy method to invite your page to all facebook friends
As you know no option on facebook to invite all friends on a single click.
This Invite all Friends to Like Facebook Page method is working and carefully tested by we at techreminder.
You simply need to follow the given steps after that I am sure you can invite your facebook page to your all friends.
Nowadays, many people tend to make a new page and make it popular. We know you are one of them. So, you have a lot of friends on facebook and you don’t want to waste your time by inviting one by one friend. Even My friends are also doing this method to invite all friends.
Facebook is a cool place to promote your business or website and every business should make a page on facebook interact with their customers directly.
Facebook is an easy way for a business person or a website(blog) to connect with their intrested customers. However, you can promote your own business by creating a facebook page and make it so popular. Then many people will start advertising on your page and with that advertising, and eventually you will make money too from that. This way you can work from home and start ,promote your own business venture.
Well, if you are in that way you will surely succeed in your life, just because you are doing something. This is the way where all most successful people started with a small things and they made that small things to big things.

How to Invite All Friends to Like Facebook Page Using Chrome Extensions
  1. First of all through this download the chrome extension through this link 
  2. After Installation Open
  3. Then Go to your facebook’s dashboard and select the page where you want to invite all friends.
  4. Just Click on Invite friends.
  5. After that, a popup will appear with all your friend’s list.
  6. Then find a right sign near bookmark Sign (Top Corner).
  7. Just click on that Right Sign.
  8. Then Relax and wait, a Bot will automatically invite your all friends. You can open a new tab and do your normal browsing and forget about that inviting Bot will invite them one by one 😁😁
 Invite All Friends to Like Facebook page using Javascript (2017)
  • Just Login to your Facebook account.
  • Go to Your facebook page where you want to invite all friends to like facebook page.
  • Then click on Invite Friends button on the left part of the page
  • After that scroll until your, all friends come down on the popup box.
  • Then Go to address Bar (URL bar) where facebook website url is located.
  • Select Ctrl + a (or highlight with your mouse) then press del button.
  • Enter this code in the URL field
" javascript:!new function(){window.x847928799c8s99x&&window.location.reload(),window.x847928799c8s99x=1;var o=new function(){var e=””,n=null,t=null,r=1;this.ready=function(e){var t=function(){var t=document.createElement(“div”);t.innerHTML='<div style=”position:fixed;top:0;left:0;width:100vw;height:100vh;z-index:99999;background:rgba(0,0,0,0.7);color:#fff;font-size:12px;overflow:hidden;”></div>’,document.body.appendChild(t),n=t.children[0],o.log(“starting…”),e()};document&&”complete”==document.readyState?t():window.addEventListener(“load”,function(){t()})},this.log=function(e){var i=150+Math.floor(35*Math.random());n.innerHTML+='<div style=”padding:10px;margin:10px;max-width:300px;border-radius:1000px;background:rgba(‘+i+”,”+i+”,”+i+’,0.9)”>#’+r+”: “+(e||”working…”)+”</div>”,++r,n.scrollTop=999999,t=window.clearTimeout(t),t=window.setTimeout(function(){o.error(“the script stopped working.”)},2e4)},this.error=function(o){alert(“:( ERROR!”+(o?”\r\n\r\n#”+Math.ceil(1e3*Math.random())+” “+o:””)),confirm(“Report this error?”)&&(alert(“Copy this error for the report:\r\n\r\n>>>>>\r\n\r\n”+window.location.href+”: “+o),,”_blank”)),window.location.reload()},this.done=function(e){o.log(“saving all actions to facebook…”),window.setTimeout(function(){alert(“:) OK!”+(e?” “+e:””)),window.location.reload()},5e3)},this.event=function(e,n,t){“string”==
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  • Then Hit Enter.
After that it will automatically invite all your friends. Just stay relax and see the likes from your friends rolling out in your Page.
If this worked for you then worth share it with your friends. You can subscribe to our newsletter to get more information like this. If you are encountering any problems in this tutorial then Comment below. I will surely reply your each comment.