15 Uses Of The OTG Cable That You Probably Didn’t Know

- August 29, 2017

USB OTG or the OTG cable is likewise known as USB On-The-Go cable is the cable which lets in USB gadgets to act as a number which in addition lets in USB devices to be connected with them. The OTG cable is commonly used make bigger the device’s capability, which lets in you to transfer the information from the telephone to Pen pressure and vice versa. However, there are different thrilling uses of the OTG cable which we will figure out in the article under.

Connect a portable hard Disk

you can connect the outside hard drive in your cellphone with the assist of OTG cable. Once the outside difficult pressure is attached, you can easily get admission to all of the files on your cellphone. Also, you could switch the documents from phone to the external garage and vice versa with the help of OTG cable.

Connect USB light

You could join the USB based totally LED light along with your Android telephone to mild up the LED. Through OTG cable, you could even join the LED flashlight to seize photos at night in case your phone doesn’t have the front flash function.

Share messages and contacts between two telephones

You could switch the contacts, messages and make contact with logs among  Android phones through SmartSwitch App from Samsung and OTG cable. This method of moving is simple and useful. Additionally, it consumes much less battery.

Join your camera

in case you need to attach your camera with the Android cellphone, then you could join it the usage of the OTG cable. Additionally, you don’t must connect a digicam with the pc in case you want to clear few pictures through your Android tool.

Connect USB fan

USB lovers paintings with the electrical charge, but you would possibly have seen computer cooling pads which can be linked to the tool with the assist of USB cable. So in addition, you can join the USB fan with the Android tool thru an OTG cable.

Join Ethernet

You can connect stressed net or the Ethernet to your Android devices the use of the OTG cable. In case you don’t have get right of entry to to the wireless or the mobile information then connecting your Android telephone with the Ethernet is beneficial thru an OTG cable.

Connect a card reader

if your Android phone doesn’t support MicroSD card, then you could connect the cardboard reader with your smartphone thru an OTG cable. You need to have OTG Plus Card reader, which will allow you to connect the MicroSD card with any Android device.

Charge Android phone with every other Android phone

you may charge your Android phone with the help of some other Android cellphone through an OTG cable wherein the USB host will help you to charge the cellphone. This is the helpful approach if you want to rate your smartphone within the emergency.

Connect a recreation controller

you may join the sport controller together with your Android device thru OTG cable. Many Android games assist outside gamepad, and you may connect an outside recreation controller via the OTG cable.

Join LAN cable

you could connect the broadband internet with the Android telephone with the help of LAN to USB controller and OTG cable.

Connect Mouse and Keyboard

You can join the keyboard and mouse together with your phone with the help of OTG cable, which could be very useful to alternate the messages via keyboard and mouse.

Print saved documents

You may connect the Printer and Android smartphone with the help of OTG cable to print the documents. You have to set up the app referred to as PrintShare which will down load the USB drivers in your Android phone.

Create track

You could connect the musical devices with computer via MIDI fashionable cable. But, you may join the cutting-edge musical instruments together with your Android telephone via OTG cable and create song of your preference.

Document Audio

You may join the external microphone together with your android smartphone via an OTG cable to report audio for your Android telephone. This option is beneficial for the YouTubers.


You can use Chromecast or HDMI cable and OTG cable to connect your telephone to tv or LED inside the USB port. You may mirror your Android display with the television and might watch any films or play audios.

So, these are the capabilities which can be used to attach your phone with the OTG cable with other gadgets.