Top 5 Ways To Make Your MacBook Faster

- August 21, 2017

We have all wished one time or the other that our lovely Apple Macbooks could run as fast as they did when they were new . Sadly, that's not the case. The more you use a computer and begin to fill it along with your data and clutter, they begin to lag and its performance takes a serious downturn.

Do not fear! There are lots of methods you could flip this round and vastly improve the overall performance of your ageing Macbook. here are our top5 suggestions for making your Macbook quicker!

1. Free Up Some Space
Over time, you begin to leave hundreds, if not thousands of pretty old files, apps, photograhs, videos, music e.t.c . Those data starts to fill up the hard disk of your Macbook, which affects its performance. when you ask yourself do you really need all those stuffs that's currently occupying your hard drive's space? Those old photos from that party years ago? That long video you downloaded for about 1gb+? That application you downloaded free but you no longer use? freeing up some space on your Macbook's hard drive is one of the best ways to increase it's performance.

2. Delete  Those Language Files Which U Don't Use
Most of the apps on your Macbook includes multiple languages for users across the world to chose from. You'll likely need to chose only your native speaking language, yet those figurehead language files are still using large space on your Macbook. There are several ways in which you can get rid of those language files, the easiest is doing that with a free application called Monolingual. It's a simple app that deletes those language files you don't need. You can manually chose those languages you wish to keep, and the app will get rid of the rest. Haha!

3. Clear Start-Up Apps and Background Processes

Most Macbook Apps ask you to agree during installation to let them launch every time you turn your Macbook on, and they just sit quietly and run in the background. This may not seem serious to you, but they are using up your valuable system resources when you don't want them to such as CPU and RAM capacity which could otherwise be used to hasten the task you're working on. To clear out these unwanted startup apps, just go to your System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items. There you will be able to select the apps you want to launch on startup, and also get rid of the apps you don't want.

4. Repair Disk Permissions
This is commonly debated, but repairing disk permissions can also help your Macbook run faster. To do that, Open Disk Utility from your Applications folder and click on "Repair Disk Permissions".

5. Shut Down When Not In Use
Your Macbook needs to rest at times in order to perform at it's best. It also has some tools which it uses automatically to help maintain itself. Some of these tools only run during shutdown and booting so adapt the habit of turning your computer off every time to allow these tools to do their work. It's also a good way to extend the battery life of your Macbook.

6.RAM Upgrade
If you are still not getting a better performance after all these tips, It definitely means that your Macbook needs a RAM upgrade. Please note however that not all Macbooks allow users to upgrade the internal RAM themselves. A quick Googling of the specific model or name of your Macbook followed by the keywords "RAM upgrade" it should give you an answer right away. Typically these RAM upgrades are not expensive, and can they can keep your Macbook running smoothly for years to come.
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