Intel core i9 May Be The Fastest Processor You Know Of

- August 15, 2017
Intel Corei9

The core i9 processor, the maximum powerful within the catalog of Intel, may be to be had beginning September 25 at a rate pricing from $1,200 to $2,000. In turn, the agency led by way of Brian Krzanich plans to increase a brand new architecture for its server garage gadgets below SSD era that might have up to one petabyte of capacity.
Introduced on the trendy version of Computex in Taipei, the Intel X-collection processors at the core i9-7980XE with 18-cores will be priced at $2000, at the same time as the 16-core  i9-7960X model could be priced at $1700, followed by using the i9-7940X versions of 14-cores to $1400 and i9-7920X from 12-cores to $1200, in step with the declaration released by way of Intel itself.
This supplying of Intel processors, known as X-series, has 5 versions of the middle i9 line, referred to as extreme version, 3 core i7 segment and one i5, concentrated on enthusiastic users, content material creators and gamers who require the maximum performance of a pc with models of 4 to 18 cores.
In turn, Intel redesigned the solid-state storage units (SSDs) used in data storage facilities with a prototype version known as Ruler, an elongated square-looking device unlike the 2.5 and 3 formats, 5 inches. in this version, which isn't always yet available in the marketplace, allows a tray in a server rack to have a ability of up to 1000 terabytes (TB).
The usage of excessive-speed Intel Optane SSDs and three-D NAND SSDs within the Ruler gadget permits you to leverage the virtues of this low-warmness and power-green generation with a bigger storage capacity of up to at least one petabyte (PB) in a server.
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