Top 6 Strange Looking Smartphones Ever Made

- August 10, 2017
Smartphones has completely taken over modern world , as we need it in one way or the other during daily activities , and as that,  many smartphones has been produced, from the popular brands to the non popular brands , even to the weird ones .

Today i will be showing you some of the strangest smartphone ever in the world , and you would be shocked with the designs of some of them .


Sharp AQUOS Crystal is produced by Sharp Corporation. This is a  breakthrough in smartphone innovation. With mouth watering edgeless design, unbelievable sound including Harman/Kardon advancements and a camera that makes any novice looks like a pro master; AQUOS Crystal really conveys innovation that is really without limits.


The Runcible smartphone's actually design to look like a lady's makeup kit but its not , but i really don't know what inspired the design , it can do absolutely everything and plus its' unique design .


Amazing design from Chinese moxi group , its bendable feature was achieved by using graphene material (same material use in making normal rubber wears).


Dior Reveries is said to worth about 4.4million Naira 😓 , it's one the most expensive mobile devices in the world .With its luxurious design , its showcases an LCD touch screen decorated with 1539 diamonds , and about 46 pieces of pearl and 18-karat of gold .


The main selling point of this smartphone is it thermal camera. Apart from that, it's a standalone amongst the strongest smartphones in the world. It has a Drop-to-solid resistance up to 1.8 m-MIL-STD-810G guaranteed – salt, clean, mugginess, rain, vibration, sunlight based radiation, transport, warm stun safe and IP68 affirmation for water resistance. In the processor is an intense snapdragon 617. It comes with 3GB RAM and 32GB internal memory and a 3800Mah battery to support.


The Yotaphone doesn't have a shape that is excessively odd yet it's unique in its own way. It has a double display. It likewise shows a 5 inch full HD  on the front and 4.7 inch auxiliary show on the back. The Yotaphone 2 has an intense snapdragon 801 processor.

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