You Can Now PES 2017 Mobile With Friends Via Bluetooth

- August 23, 2017
Konami has just updated PES 2017 Mobile with a brand new local league mode. Now you can host tournaments with your friends to see who’s the best player.

If you could remember those days when we used Java devices, multiplayer soccer games through bluetooth were amazing, especially Real Football 2010. Those days were amazing but now we are in the era of smartphones so it just gives that nostalgic feeling that Konami has decided to add Bluetooth support to its game.

Konami has created an update for PES 2017 Mobile together with a brand new local league mode. You can play tournaments with your friends to see who and who plays better.

You can play it with at least three friends, the tournaments will also take a round robin format which means where you each take it in turns to play each other.

It works with Bluetooth on your device, so you have to be very close to the person you are playing with. You also have to use the same OS like Andriod to Andriod or iPhone to iPhone It not all that intresting because iOS and Android players can’t play together 😓.

In addition to the update, Konami group has also launched a new campaign. Between August 30th and September 6th, you can collect rare in-game rewards for playing the local league mode.

You’ll earn the rewards by completing challenges in-game, like winning a certain number of matches and competing in a set number of tournaments.

Now is the best time to get back into PES 2017 Mobile, so go straight and grab your right now on Google Play. You’ll notice a special increase in the form for Suarez and Aubameyang and there are new players on its icon too.

You could watch the Mobile Launch Trailer Below