Mozilla Is Rolling Out A Big Update For It's Browser

- September 29, 2017
Mozilla Foundation is rolling out a big update for its browser known as "Mozilla Firefox". This special update includes taking screenshots on the browser itself, sending tabs, autofill forms, minor security updates and lots more. Do you use Mozilla Firefox? Below are the major features in the update

1. Taking Screenshots On Browser

This new feature lets you capture a screen within your Firefox browser without downloading any new software to your computer.  Just hover over the area you want to grab, let Screenshots automatically identify the outline of the area you’re looking at, then click.

You can choose the screenshots you want to save, and easily access your saved screenshots through a toolbar in your browser. It automatically stores your screenshots in the cloud for two weeks, but you can change the expiration date or delete them anytime from your online library. You can also easily share your screenshots as a link with anyone, no matter what device they’re on or browser they use – all without having to click or save before you share. 

2. Sending  Tabs

Firefox is actually giving users a quicker way to share their web pages between your mobile and desktop devices. It’s called Send Tabs feature.
It provides a quick for users to instantly send their web pages to and from your desktop, mobile browser, or any mobile app.
3. AutoFill Forms
Firefox is now allowing users to complete online forms with multiple input fields like the address fields on your favorite websites for free, by simply selecting a suggestion from the autocomplete drop-down. 
When users first fill in a form on a compatible website, Firefox automatically saves the field data to “Saved Addresses” under Options (Preferences) so users can reuse such information with forms on new websites.
So guys what do you think about this update?