Twitter Is Now Testing A Change On The Length Of Words Per Tweet

- September 27, 2017
Twitter Inc is now testing a change on the length of tweets from 140 to 280 characters per tweet, according to the them, the longer 280 characters will be available in selected languages, including English, for users to share their thoughts without the usual limit.

While Twitter had earlier implemented the 140-character limit easier with a tweak via its latest Android app, to allow users to write out a tweetstorm broken into separate tweets.

Which calls to point that Twitter’s character limit is rather a holdover, as from the early days when tweets were sent as texts, which were limited to 160 characters.

This new expansion has become necessary as they realized that the 140-character limit impacted more heavily on those tweeting in some select languages — like English, Spanish, Portuguese or French — as compared with others, like Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

The feature will at first be made available to a small group of users, as they intends to gather data on how the test goes before moving these changes to everyone.