AirDroid Is Now Available For iOS Devices

- October 20, 2017

AirDriod has been one of the most popular Android apps for transferring files from one device to another a wireless network has now extended their app by now been supported on the iOS platform, and it has been spotted on the App Store. 
This new version of AirDroid on iOS v1.0.0 makes it possible for users to transfer files wirelessly and remotely between iOS devices, Macs, PCs, and Android devices.
Using “Hotspot” or “add Friends”, iOS users can send files to others even without a LAN. These two new features further helps by breaking the communication gap between iOS and other devices despite the distance.
You can download AirDroid on iOS in the App Store, you can also get the Android version on Google Play. The app has been made free on all platforms so enjoy!