Google Pexel 2 Launcher Is Here Get Yours!

- October 16, 2017

You can now download the new Google Pixel 2 Launcher for your Android smartphone and tablet completely free and securely. (for smartphone running Android 5.0 or higher)

Google has two new smartphones built on its own. They were announced last October 4th, and we had a little bit of everything. From the new home accessories like the Max and Mini speakers, even smart earphones but the star of the event was even the new Android smartphones that bring the new Google Pixel 2 Launcher

Both devices are very identical to each other, varying mainly in screen size and respective battery capacity. Both bring a new camera app with Motion Photos, for the devices you choose. Now we have another new feature for your Android smartphone.

In addition to hardware news and a new camera app, the Google Pixel 2 also features a new Launcher that can now be downloaded and used on virtually all Android devices (Android 5.0+).

In addition to the new, more rounded, customizable and localized search bar by default at the bottom of the screen you will also have a new widget that will bring together all your events, calendar appointments, traffic notifications, and weather (if location services are active) in one place.

Download Pexel 2 Launcher By XDA Developers