See How Much It Will Cost To Repair Your New iPhone X Screen

- October 28, 2017
iPhone X is now official and available for pre-order, but have you ever wondered how much repairing it's screen cost? if "no" then I'm about to walk you through how much it actually costs for you to repair an iPhone X screen

A very interesting detail was revealed by Apple today regarding the iPhone X, and it has to do with repair prices. The company published its flat-fee pricing for units that aren't covered by AppleCare+, and it turns out that if you know you're not all that wealthy, then you probably shouldn't skip that.

A screen-only repair of the iPhone X will set you back $279, while for other damage you will pay $549. For comparison, those numbers are $169 and $399 for the iPhone 8 Plus (which starts at $799), and $149 and $349 for the iPhone 8 (which starts at $699). So the repair pricing is pretty much in line with each handset's pricing.

When you pay $199 on appleCare+ on top of the $999 you actually purchased your iPhone X, then you only have to pay $29 for the screen repair and $99 for any other damage.
Moreover, these prices listed above will be applied mainly in the U.S and prices may differ in other parts of the world