How You Can Enable And Make Phone Calls Over Wi-Fi On iPhone X

- November 25, 2017

Over some years now, Wi-Fi or internet calls have become very popular as this feature is very cool in places where cellular network is very poor or even not available. This feature also helps users to make calls at very cheap rates. So in this article, we are going to talk about enabling the cool Wi-Fi calling feature on your shiny new iPhone-X.
How You Can Enable Wi-Fi Calling On iPhone X               
Enabling Wi-Fi calling on new iPhone X is a very easy task and the steps are listed below:
  • Click on the setting menu,
  • Navigate through until you see the phone option,
  • Then you'll see WiFi calling on this with a toggle button
  • Click the toggle button to enable it.
So that's how easy it is to enable this cool feature and you can also disable it by going through these options in reverse.

How To Make Calls Over Wi-Fi On iPhone X

Calls over Wi-Fi can be made by using the FaceTime iOS app, and Apple has also provided an option for making calls from some other iOS enabled devices like Apple wristwatch, MacBook Pro and iPods with the same app. Here are the steps below.
  • Download the FaceTime App Here
  • Open the app and tap the audio button at the top
  • Then pick the phone number by browsing your contacts or simply entering the phone number and click the call icon.

So that's all guys, you can try this feature out and drop your comments below if you come across any problems or simply want to share some cool stuff.