We'll Be Killing Off PC BIOS By 2020 Intel Reveals

- November 24, 2017

PC BIOS has been in existence and very active for as long as I could ever remember, but with the arrival of this new system called UEFI a few years ago, most processor chip makers lost hope in BIOS and it has been eventually outdated.

PC processor giants and chip makers - Intel has also unveiled plans to abandon these age-long PC BIOS for UEFI at the last UEFI Plugfest, and they will only support it on their chips until the year 2020

As we all know, big companies in the tech industries don't just make decisions without concrete reasons at that, Intel has also said that the main purpose(s) for this switch is that they want to offer users more security on various fronts in various areas.
They abandoned BIOS and have permanently embraced UEFI so that they can promote new hardware as well as maintain the older ones.
UEFI is more likely to be more secure, optimized for virtualization and generally better than BIOS. But we don't really know if other processor and chip manufacturers will actually join Intel in making this move by 2020