This Real Life Iron Man Breaks World Records For Fastest Man On Flying Suits

- November 14, 2017

It's looking like Iron man has become real as we don't only see a man flying in movies alone but now in real life. A British inventor named Richard Browning has set a world speed record with a body-controlled jet engine.
It was this week that the founder and test driver of technology company Gravity Industries hit the fastest pace on such a flight, setting a new Guinness record. Richard reached a speed of 51.53 km/h, while the inspectors monitored the speed of the flight – that had to be registered for at least 100 meters.
The jet engine for the suit is powered by six gas microturbines with kerosene, each with a 22kg impulse. Since it is controlled only by body movements, the pilot had to practice central force exercises in order to balance himself in the air.
He made several attempts, and the third ended up falling on the lake. By now, the record was already set. You can watch the video below from Guinness world records.