How You Can Stop Annoying Appstore Review Request On iPhone X

- November 22, 2017

Appstore has risen to one of the biggest stores for iOS apps in recent years, many apps with different uses and these apps are also available for the latest device by Apple - iPhone X. While some of these apps come free others are paid and no matter free or paid they are requests for rating and reviewing the app and they come up regularly.

These ratings annoy most iPhone users and this article is going to be talking about how you can also get rid of this annoying Appstore review request on your iPhone X.

The rating and review requests are something common on all smartphone these days. At a time this can get really annoying. This can also happen as a popup while doing something important with the app.

Apple has released a new update and it gives iPhone users the opportunity to stop these annoying popups for very long because you can now disable them on iPhone X and all other iPhones yourself. Also, once disabled the requests will never pop-up until you enable them again.

How to get rid of annoying Appstore review request on iPhone X

You don’t have to do any hard work to stop these review requests on iPhone X. you can do it easily with few clicks as simple as changing any other settings. The steps are as follows:
  • Open the settings menu on the home screen of your iPhone X
  • Find iTunes and Appstore and click on it to open
  • Find the in-app rating and reviews and click on the toggle button near to it to disable it

You can enable back the option by following the same steps mentioned above.

I hope it helped 😊😊