Top 5 URL Shorteners You Should Try Right Now

- November 03, 2017

Have you combed the web searching for awesome URL shorteners? I have successfully arrived with the top 5 URL shortners to shorten long links and help you manage links to your website. 

But wait what's a URL shortner?

A URL shortener is simply a online application/website where you convert regular links (https://) to the shortest available format.

You only have to copy the original URL and paste it into the URL shortening website and it automatically shrinks the link to an abbreviated one. 

E.G was converted to but it still lands on the same website.

Why should i use a URL shortener?
  • Some URL shorteners come with certain traffic monitors
  • Shortens you posts on various social media platforms
Top 5 URL Shortners You Should Try Out

This is google's very owned URL shortener and it is trusted by almost everyone on the internet today. Check it out 😊.

According to wikipedia " The Bitly URL shortening service became popular on Twitter after it became the default URL shortening service on the website on May 6, 2009. It was subsequently replaced by Twitter's own service"

I will also recommend because they also provide a kind of analytics for you to see how many clicks a particular shortened link gets. is a URL shortening website and it also works for social media automation which means they can also share your blog post automatically to you social media profiles. is a URL shortening website owned by Hootsuite Media Inc. So head over and check that out.

tiny URL is also a website that helps you shorten URLs and the shortend URLs never expire.

So that's all, if you have any other URL shortener you use please feel free to share them via the comment section.