Google Chrome 66 Set To Completely Block Autoplaying Videos

- March 23, 2018

Unlike the version 64 which stopped the autoplay with a right click option, Google Chrome developers have promised to completely stop videos from playing automatically in the newest version 66 to be released soon.

Chromium as an open-source project by Google has also posted some of the codes and also introduced a new set of criteria that websites using autoplay videos should meet, so practically no tab on Chrome 66 will be using the autoplay feature.

For those videos to play, the user must have tapped or clicked on the website while browsing on a desktop while the website has to be added to the Home Screen on Mobile. Also, Chrome users on the desktop version must have frequently played media in order the video to play with audio.

Other updates of Chrome 66 include display warnings for crashes caused by third-party software injecting code and removal of trust for Symantec certificates. The beta is already available, while the Stable version should arrive in the following weeks.

Overall I think this a good move by the bigG :)