Microsoft To Reduce Time Taken To Install Windows OS In New updates

- March 24, 2018

Microsoft intends to simplify the use of Windows by reducing the time taken to install updates on Pc's running on windows. Already with the next major update, which is expected to be released in April, a new update system will be launched, so that users can immediately evaluate the changes.

According to Microsoft, the Creators Update which was released barely a year ago was installed on an average PC in the offline mode for 82 minutes, then after the changes made in the Fall Creators Update, the installation took about 51 minutes.

With the release of the next update, known as Spring Creators Update, it takes only 30 minutes. Progress in comparison with last year is obvious. It is reported that the process of installing the update will be divided into two parts: “online”, during which the computer can still be used, and “offline” with a blue screen and the progress of the update.

 Microsoft managed to transfer most of the processes to the online phase. The process of updating the system essentially consists of installing a new version of the OS with the transfer of all user data, settings and installed applications. This happens for the most part during the offline installation phase of the update. With the Spring Creators Update release, unpacking a new version of Windows and preparing user data for migration will occur during the online phase.